Art Installations


Artist : Valay Shende

The buffalo serves many practical purposes in India's largely agricultural society. It provides milk & leather goods. Shende compares the buffalo and the common man in order to pay homage to this simple but essential animal.


Artist : Valay Shende

The Mumbai Dabbawala has been a recurrent motif in the artists work. Made up of numerous working clock faces, with a lunch box shaped as the stomach organ in hand, Valay Shende's Dabbawala represents the importance of precision and punctuality of India's "Tiffin Carriers" to ensure the satiation of hunger


Artist : Valay Shende

Mumbai is often referred to as the 'melting pot' of India, where people travel together regardless of job and social status. The Mumbai local trains are a well-recognized facet of the city's identity, where thousands of people travel in a space meant for hundreds. In Valay Shende's work, identifies collapse into special circles and understandings that can only be understood by people who have experienced travelling by local Mumbai train during peak office hours.